Musician Showcase

Denver's Finest Open Mic Series

How it works

1) Pick a date to play

2) Reserve a spot - BUTTON BELOW 

3) Invite your friends and family

4) Bring your game face


Who can play? 

Anyone can play. The only rule OSD has for the open mic nights is that at least one person on stage is PLAYING a music instrument


Any style of music is OK, but no karaoke singers, no MCs rapping to tracks and no stand up comedians etc. These types of acts have never gone over very well. If you have backing tracks in addition to at least one live musician that's OK.

We are showcasing live music. 


This is not a traditional come-and-sit-in with the band open mic. 

All of the performances are scheduled in advance online and are self contained.

Once you fill out the Reserve a Spot form (below) OSD will email with a confirmation of your show time and date. 

We will send out an email reminder the day before your scheduled show.

  • Whole bands are welcome.
  • Solo and Duo performers are welcome.
  • Beginners to pros are welcome.
  • Musicians playing for fun are welcome.
  • Musicians who are auditioning for gigs are welcome.
  • OSD will mix everyone's performance with dedication and care.
  • You have a friend in Tree.


Do we have to be over 21?

Generally no. 


These shows are hosted by venues that serve alcohol and food, but under 21 guests are usually welcome. Of course no underage drinking. Be cool. If you bring your children please supervise them properly. They are the future of music.


How much time do we get? 

Solos and Duos get 30 minutes.

Bands get 60 minutes.



We schedule all the acts back to back so your time includes set-up, a quick line check and strike.

We recommend:

  • Solos and Duos plan on 20-25 minutes of music.
  • Bands plan on 35-40 minutes of music.

The faster you can get on stage and sound checked the more time you will have to play.

There is space to set up drums and other complicated instruments to one side of the stage before your set.

We ask that you exit the stage quickly if there is an act after you.

Please carry all gear off the other side of the stage before tearing down to save time. Please wrap cables off stage.

Please sign autographs after you clear the stage.

We strive to be very accurate with the times as we value all of our performers time on stage.


What time do we play?

The Musician Showcase runs from 7:00 - 10:00


If you are the first band of the night you can get there early for a longer sound check.

If you are the last band of the night no one will rush you off the stage, but the sound tech reserves the right to shut down the P.A. and go home. 
What do I need to bring?

Bring any instruments and amps you plan to use. 


OSD does NOT provide a back-line drum kit, amps or any instruments.

OSD DOES provide P.A., Mics (you are welcome to bring your own vocal mic. We will have clean SM58s available), Mic stands and Lights


Please promote your show to family, fans and friends. Generally OSD does not have a built in crowd. The audience members usually are there to support their friends and the other bands. Please support the other musicians playing your night if possible. Better audiences make for better shows all around. Let's have some fun!


Can OSD record the audio from my performance? (Not required - just a great offer)


  1. We can record your stems to our MAC laptop on location and transfer them to you after the show. (Either your SSD drive or we can email them using WE TRANSFER) Someone will have to take these and mix them in a DAW. There is NO CHARGE for this service even if you decide to choose option #2
  2. If you would like the professionals at OSD to mix your show for you we will record your individual tracks and take them back to the the OSD home studio and mix them for you. The price for this is:
  • $75 for Solos or Duos (20-25 minute set)
  • $150 for Bands (35-45 minute set)

Generally we will try to get your first audio mix sent to you for your approval in a week, maybe two. You can review the mix and ask for changes. Once we get your recording sounding good to you we will deliver a link. You can then download your mixed show, split in to individual songs in MP3 format.


Can we add a VIDEO of our set?



OSD has partnered with Shooting Dice Studios. Dice can provide a 4 camera HD video of your set. He will take the audio that OSD has mixed and add it to your video. You still get your individual audio tracks that you can use on sound cloud or to burn a CD etc. Plus you get a professionally shot video. 

This service is an ADD ON to the audio mixing service. Dice records no audio, You must purchase the audio service to purchase a video.  

  • $75 for Solos or Duos ($150 total - with your MP3 audio tracks) 
  • $150 for Bands ($300 total - with your MP3 audio tracks) -

This is for a standard full length MP4 download of your entire performance.

Videos may take longer to complete.

Dice can also provide extended video editing options like a 5 minute mash-up promo video for an extra charge. You can work that out with Dice directly. He does great work and we have produced hundreds of fantastic live videos for musicians over the years.


Below is a sample video












Can I cancel my show?

Ugh. Please don't. 


We are going to put a lot of effort in to making your show as pro as possible.  Please show up. If you have received a confirmation and then no call - no show you will not be invited to play again. We understand life happens. If you must cancel please give us as much notice as possible. We are generally booked solid for 3 or 4 weeks out so finding a last minute replacement is difficult. 


Can we be considered for future paid gigs?



If you would like to be considered for a paid gig in the future let us know in advance and a representative from the venue will be present.

OSD has no say in who is offered a future gig. We will work with you and mix your set to the best of our abilities, but OSD does not decide who is offered work. This is between the venue and you.

We recommend inviting your fans and supporters - If a venue rep sees that you have a following it will be much easier for them to offer a paid gig.


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